Grenzenlos Workshop: Teamwork in the modern-day workplace

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Teamwork in the modern-day workplace

The workshop on Business Psychology offered by Ms. Aazmi Ashraf from the World University Service took place on 24.11.2022.
The workshop started with a coins game. A bit unusual for us as we were expecting Ms. Ashraf to introduce herself first.
Even though she did her best to explain the rules, we all failed the first round. Interestingly, after a short evaluation of what went wrong, we understood that we did not communicate with our teams.
This workshop made us realize that everything works better with communication and teamwork.
We learned about the key differentiating factor between man and machines and the ability to communicate constructively.
One of the most important statements was that you could see strangers as your team and connect and work together, not against each other.
You can look at people and society differently with this new knowledge.

- Lorenz and Paul BKFR2